Halloween Costume: The Man Repeller

Who: Leandra Medine AKA the Man Repeller.

Wear: The ensemble is open to interpretation, as long as it’s kooky and defiant of masculine attraction. Lucky for us, her blog provides page after page of  delicious Halloween style inspiration. Our vote goes to this outfit from NYFW featuring the ironic “All blogs post the same stuff” graphic tee, red flare pants, and the enigmatic “arm party” of watches, bangles and bracelets. Don’t forget an iPhone for a constant stream of twitter and instagram updates.

Why: Today, our favorite blogger wrote a post about Halloween costumes of the non-Floozy variety. Her list included Frida Kahlo, Margot Tenenbaum and Steve Jobs, but failed to mention one of our top picks in the same category— the Man Repeller herself. To quote Leandra, “This is the stuff contest-winners are made of.”

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