Finding Clarity in Fashion

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Here’s a question to think about: why do men and women all around the world care so much about fashion? Some people say it’s a materialistic and useless field. Fashion might seem be solely appearance-based, but I’ve discovered it to be much, much more. Fashion allows people the opportunity of self expression. It is an industry that can make people feel good and certainly look good. It actually helps our country look good financially, too. With a big boom in fashion, labor productivity in the U.S. manufacturing sector has more than doubled from 1987. American workers are making more (fashionable…duh) American products. New York Fashion weeks is known as one of the most hectic weeks in NYC, but brings in the state $20 million as well as positive tourism. How about the act of buying these fashionable clothes-you know-shopping! My mom always says shopping is a form of therapy and I agree completely. Millions of Americans go to stores with the hopes of buying things to widen their smiles. The logic is all there: if you look in the mirror and are happy with the way you look, you feel unstoppable. Imagine a world without personal style. Life would be like attending some boarding school with uniforms, but your trapped in the uniform forever.

Let’s take fashion back in time. The type of clothes a person wears as well as the amount of clothing they wear shows who they are and what they stand for. Many religions use restricted fashion as a form of respect. Many cultures are even identified by the style of clothing they wear. In the past fashion was typically a reaction to the environment, spirituality, or societal development. If you saw someone wearing a white toga you would associate it with the Roman Empire where as an embellished Sari is worn in Indian cultures.

Some people say you can only have fashion if you are very wealthy…well I disagree completely. The attitude you have when walking down the street is all apart of a person’s style and fashion. Who cares if you have the most expensive clothes in the world if you don’t have your personality and style while wearing them. You can rock a simple white tee and jeans with just a touch of your own swagger.

When you think about it, fashion really isn’t useless at all: it’s fun, historic, profitable, and most of all personal. Fashion is just another way to be who you are in this world!

-Blake Cohen

Shopping The Summer Sale?!

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Us ladies love a good sale, so let’s go on an insane bargain scavenger hunt! Because the summer heat is slowly dying down, you shouldn’t be paying full price for warm weather pieces. With all the buzz about summer sales I just had to check one out for myself! I walked down to the streets of Soho and found a high-end store bursting with chic, vintage like clothing. This was no ordinary sale rack; I’m talking about piles upon piles of summery pieces all discounted. This store, LF, hit all the major summer trends: the gladiator sandal, flowery prints, hot crops, and the classic denim short. The best part is that it’s all on sale! However, the only way to describe this store is pure shopping chaos. I had to literally dive head first into piles of clothes to find what I wanted, but I successfully left with two full bags of outfits. All good shoppers know: no pain no gain, and I sure had a workout before I left that store. The only downside to these mega sales is that the good items go fast. But don’t panic: all over the city our favorite stores are opening their doors with discounted items right now. So do some research, my style spies, and plan a fun filled shopping day specifically for the summer sales…FAST!

-Blake Cohen

Back to the Pack


You don’t want just some sack as a back pack! Start your kid’s off the school year with a backpack that will make them feel fashionable and fabulous every day. It’s a great idea to match your pack with your kid’s personality. Go with a turtle shell if they like a more humorous look or try a chic designer bag for a glamorous style. Try to stick to medium sized packs with comfortable straps. This accessory’s most important job is to get them through the day, so why not do it in style!

-Blake Cohen

Sneaky Style


The most practical way to make your feet look stylish is with the perfect pair of sneakers. Wedges and pumps might take you to another level, but why go through the pain of walking in heels when sneakers can do the trick?! Don’t be fooled: sneakers can fit any occasion, from the casual days to the party nights. For the daily runs in the park or a girl’s luncheon try an athletic sneaker with some bright colors and patterns. Need a shoe for the club that’s comfy and hot? Go for the wedge sneaker! It elongates your legs like a pair of heels, but is comfy enough to dance the night away. Whatever the occasion may be, steer away from a sneaker that is very chunky. Slimmer cuts go with everything: from lounge leggings to mini skirts. So stock up ladies, you can never have too many sneaks!

-Blake Cohen

Lovely Leather Mini’s

leather mini

The weeks have been feeling a little cooler and cooler which means fall is coming closer and closer. As the weather changes so should your wardrobe. To get you through the next few, confusing, weeks of summery yet fall like weather, transition pieces are a must. It’s the perfect combo: the mini skirt is a perfect example of looking summery chill while the leather fabric adds a hint of fall fashion. Use the mini with some ankle booties or flats and pair it with either a casual tee or a nice button down. The best part of this key transition piece is that you can throw on a sweater or jacket to keep you warm without looking like a winter eskimo. This skirt is not only a perfect transition from summer to fall, but from day to night. The mini  is a cute and appropriate look for the office but transforms into a flirty and fun piece for a night out. Just add a few details like pumps and some bold jewels for an evening on the town. So this season don’t go straight to the heavy jeans and coats, look for cute transitions like this little number!

-Blake Cohen

The White Way

white cover

All good things must come to an end…unfortunately this includes summer. But don’t be a debby downer, we still have our summer wardrobe a little bit longer. Until labor day hits; lets let our hair loose, soak up the sun, and wear our most summery outfits! Think ladies: what is the one color we can only do in the summer? That’s right, white! During the summer heat and chaos, white is the easiest and coolest color to throw on. But don’t be fooled, white has the potential to go terribly wrong. Steer away from a head to toe white ensemble. Since this color comes and goes in a summer’s flash, getting too many white pieces is a large expense for little use. Go for the simply chic white tank, which is practical and reusable. Even try the white jean in a looser boyfriend cut to stay extra cool in your summer denim. We don’t want to see your fall boots or sweaters coming out yet. Bleach your whites and step out in some chic brights in the final stretch of the summer!

-Blake Cohen

Take me Out to the Ball Game


Baseball caps aren’t just for men these days. With high end hat brands like Eugenia Kim showing chic prints and textures on baseball caps (think leather, suede, and animal prints), ladies can finally appear to be interested in sports. Don’t let the athletic shape fool you, these hats are seriously trendy and should be worn anywhere BUT the baseball field. Boys will be boys, and girls will be chic. Play ball!

Piercings: Hot or Not?


What’s the deal with piercings; are they too trashy or hot and flashy?! To me, piercings are a fine balancing act of adding some of your personal rocker style while still looking professional and respectful. Here’s the trick: stick to one body part. If your going to go for the long strand of ear piercings, just do your ears. If you want a nose ring, go for it, but stick to the nose area. Another way to make any piercing look lady like is to give the illusion that it is a natural beauty mark. Try a small silver or gold ball or even a little geometric shape. Something understated is always chic. The crazy plugs, back, or mouth piercings do not mesh in a serious work environment. These piercings also leave permanent marks, so I would steer away from them completely. It’s always nice to try something new, and piercings are an original way to attract positive attention to your favorite assets…if you do it the right way!

-Blake Cohen

Phone Fashionista


iphone cover #1

We all use our phones…everyday…all the time. Since this item is always in your hands or by your side, it should look amazing! Let’s call it: the practical accessory. Phones are the perfect way to show your personality. Have the logo of your favorite TV show or even a bright bedazzled pattern. Your phone contains the information of your whole life, so the outside should express who you are, too!

-Blake Cohen

What Men Have to Have from J. Crew


Buying presents for a guy can be pretty tough; unlike girls, jewelry or clothing is not usually a go-to gift, and interestingly enough, men can be even more picky than girls. Luckily for all you gift-buyers with no inspiration, our unit on BroBible featured great men’s accessories from J. Crew and we’re bringing you the most clicked on items. Check them out below!